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Master of Science in Software Engineering Systems

Master’s Degree

The Master of Science in Software Engineering Systems degree prepares students for in-demand careers as software developers engineering complex software systems for social impact.


Arlington, VA




2 Years

f-1 visa ELIGIBLE




Program Overview

The Master of Science in Software Engineering Systems approaches software development from the analytical and methodological perspective of an engineer. You’ll build advanced design and engineering skills, enhance knowledge in cloud computing, and develop machine learning algorithms. With your passion for high-performance technology, large-scale machine learning, and AI-type algorithms, you’ll become an intuitive problem solver, experienced engineering architect, and results-focused leader. Your knowledge of the three-way intersection of computer science, engineering, and ethics will enable you to have real-world societal impact in a high-demand field across industries.

Our program offers a multitude of courses in Big Data engineering and analytics in addition to supplementary courses that are required to deliver the data analytics results in a meaningful way to management. We cover data management, advanced data management, business intelligence, column databases, data science, and Big Data engineering. We offer advanced functional programming using the powerful Scala language and a course on advanced data science as well as cloud computing. Multithread concurrent computing is also offered, which is important for synchronizing a huge set of servers working in parallel to help large-scale analytics run faster by a hundredfold increase in speed. Due to the high-level mathematical operations required to run these programs, only software engineers have the capacity to work in such complicated areas.

Unique Features
  • Students may pursue a PhD after completion of the master’s degree. 
  • Study in Arlington, Virginia, home to world-leading companies and organizations developing the ideas and technologies of tomorrow. The campus is located in the heart of the Arlington/Virginia corridor, embedded within a network of companies and peers at world-leading companies.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for software developers is around $110,000, with employment projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030. 
  • Pursue a graduate certificate along with your master’s degree such as in Block Chain and Smart Contracts Engineering. A variety of certificates are offered, allowing you additional flexibility to specialize in areas that map to your career goals. Not ready for a master’s degree? Earn a graduate certificate, such as in Software Engineering Systems. In just four courses you will enhance your skills or build expertise in a new area. Credits earned can be applied toward an eligible master’s degree in the College of Engineering at Northeastern University, such as the MS in Software Engineering Systems.
  • Select from coursework-only or thesis-based options
Program Objective

We are committed to shaping our MS in Software Engineering Systems students to be intuitive problem solvers, experienced engineering architects, and result leaders who will have a great impact at the exciting three-way intersection of computer science, engineering, and ethics.

Tuition and Aid



This is an estimate based on the tuition rates for Academic Year 2022-2023 and does not include any fees or other expenses. Some courses and labs have tuition rates that may increase or decrease total tuition. Tuition and fees are subject to revision by the president and Board of Trustees at any time.

Find detailed information on tuition and fees from Student Financial Services.

Finance Your Education

We offer a variety of resources, including scholarships and assistantships. Learn more from Student Financial Services.


For 100+ years, we’ve designed our programs with one thing in mind—your success. Explore the current program requirements and course descriptions, all designed to meet today’s industry needs and must-have skills. 

Experiential Learning

Northeastern combines rigorous academics with experiential learning and research to prepare students for real-world engineering challenges. The cooperative education program, also known as co-op, is one of the largest and most innovative in the world, and Northeastern is one of only a few that offers a co-op program for graduate students. Through this program, students gain up to eight months of professional experience employed in their field of interest as part of the academic curriculum, giving them a competitive edge upon graduation.

The College of Engineering has more than 2,000 co-op employer partners globally. Our dedicated team of co-op coordinators prepare students for the co-op experience through resumé building, developing interview skills, and guiding professional development.

Admission Dates

Applicants must submit the online application and all required admission materials no later than the stated deadlines to be considered for admission. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis.


International student deadline outside the US:June 1
International student deadline inside the US:July 1
Domestic student deadline:August 1


International student deadline outside the US:September 15
International student deadline inside the US:November 1
Domestic student deadline:December 1

Additional information for international applicants can be found at the Office of Global Services (OGS). OGS is an active resource to over 20,000 international students and scholars from 147 different nations across the world. They provide the professional expertise and support you need to maintain compliance through immigration, academic, and your employment experiences—helping you remain a valuable member of the Northeastern community.

How to Apply

Learn more about the College of Engineering’s admissions process and required materials.

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