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Gavels in Governance: Legal Action for Environmental Justice

Gavels in Governance: Legal Action for Environmental Justice

May 21

5:00 pm8:00 pm

Northeastern University Arlington
1300 17th Street North
Arlington, VA 22209

Legal action is increasingly recognized as a pivotal approach to address pressing environmental and climate crises. From youth in Montana to communities in Kenya, stakeholders ranging from elected officials to grassroots activists harness judicial systems’ power to catalyze transformative change.

Join us at the Policy School of Northeastern University on our Arlington, VA campus for a critical conversation exploring the strategic use of courts and legal tools to navigate and overcome political gridlock. This session will delve into the impact of legal frameworks at local and global scales, highlighting successful strategies that reshape law- and policymaking to foster environmental sustainability and justice.

Through this dialogue, we aim to uncover how targeted legal actions can not only address local issues but also drive substantial progress in international regulations, contributing to key issues such as climate change mitigation and plastic pollution elimination.

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